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Coronavirus (Covid-19) to Tell Its Side of the Story

Coronavirus should be able to tell it’s side of the story, don’t you agree? Visit my Bandcamp page to hear Covid-19’s side of the story on my new song, Air Over Wuhan.

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On a serious note, this may be a humorous promo, but Covid-19 is no laughing matter!

Coronavirus - Ambush Vin - Air Over Wuhan

Coronavirus has many strains. Did you know that 15 to 30% of common colds are caused by a coronavirus? In this case, the Covid-19 strain, is the one that’s wreaking havoc everywhere.

I’ve been reading about the Spanish Flu pandemic that took 50 million lives just over a hundred years ago. It’s really interesting to see how we evolve as a species, but ignore the lessons of the past. The Covid-19 pandemic is unfolding eerily the same as the Spanish Influenza pandemic.

Authorities failed to act swiftly. Medical professionals were tied up by bureaucrats who refused to acknowledge the danger of this particular influenza strain. The public recklessly continued to live normal lives under abnormal conditions, violating stay-in-place and mask-donning orders. Buisnesses defied, and even lobbied, against restricting operations during the modern world’s deadliest pandemic.

This influenza strain came in three different waves over a two and a half year period. Believe it or not, some people actually had a natural immunity to it, which meant that at some point in history, someone had been infected with the Spanish Flu influenza strain and survived. Genetics did the rest.

The only people who have an immunity to the novel coronavirus, Covid-19 are the people who contracted it since the beginning of this outbreak and survived. That’s a big reason why this virus is so highly contagious. Hopefully, we adapt and prepare quickly after this first wave, and the second wave won’t be nearly as deadly. That means following medical expert’s advice.

One thing about history, most of the time, it repeats itself. There is no way that such a modern, inter-connected world should not have been prepared for something like this, or even the potential of a pandemic, happening again. Especially 102 years later.

But, we all should heed the lessons of the past, whether you believe this is a conspiracy against an ethnic group, population control, or that it’s man-made. No judgment on anyone’s beliefs, but the virus is here already, and our reaction is what we need to be focusing on.

There are still people in this country who think that this is “fake news” despite real life accounts given by ordinary people, like you and I, who survived (or some who died) from complications due to Covid-19. Tell that to the state of Washington. Or, New York City.

Let’s all help each other by following the guidelines that medical experts have given us.

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