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Learn everything that there is to know about the Sci-Fi Music Multiverse! See the events, meet the characters, and help save Earth-Prime!

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Video of the Week

Watch Ambush Vin deliver bars the right way, on his dedication to Video Noir - Spring Solstice!

"Falcon in the air swoopin on your talent band/Wrap my paper 'round my claws, call that a talon band
- Ambush Vin

Wiki of the Week
The Battle for Darth Prefectus

You've watched the music video, now read the story behind it! Ambush Vin is in his first battle, since obtaining cosmic power. But, he still hasn't gained full control of them yet. And here comes the battle-tested Mastigi Subtils...

Music Bio and Discography

You can learn all bout the vision that I have for my music, as well as see my performances and discography on my ‘About Ambush Vin’ page. But that’s just the basic “blah, blah” stuff. After you read my music bio, you should check out my Cosmic Bio and get the epic story of how I became a Cosmic Enforcer in the League of Multiverses. 

Cosmic Bio and Bibliography

Yes! I get to tell you the rest of my story…outside of the music. Long story short: I was confronted by an extraterrestrial being at a gas station, dove through a wormhole, ended up in the Time Dimension, met my cosmic mentor Spatium – who made me a Cosmic Enforcer, saved Earth-Prime from a Mastigi takeover, and now I protect the League of the Multiverses from some VERY REAL cosmic threats!