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The Original Sci-Fi Series that You've Been Looking For!

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  After everything that has happened this year, Thursday, November 19th, will be the worst event of all of 2020...

  There was NO way that I was letting Team Free Will leave without a proper sendoff. This single is an ode to everybody's favorite pie-eating older brother, Dean Winchester. Come relive your favorite Supernatural moments with me, as I wrap-up the entire series in three verses! All of your favorite hunters & members of Team Free Will are here with me on Dean Winchester (except Rufus, damnit! I forgot to mention Rufus!), Lucifer, Chuck, Crowley, and even the Wayward Daughters - which we STILL want this to happen, btw CW & Mr. Kripke! - strap up for the final battle!Pre-Order Dean Winchester today! Then, join me and show your love for this epic series on November 19th!   




  Have you ever experienced any type of loss? Whether it's divorce, a death, or a job loss, the path to healing isn't as clear, or   easy, to most of us as it appears to be. For men in particular, we are expected not to express our emotions. To do so, we are   told, is feminine and a total disconnect from our manhood.

  In essence, the world is telling you to compromise your own mental health by holding everything in! How many men end up in   bad situations because they finally let out everything that they had been holding in for so long. But, what if I told you that you   can share your feelings AND still retain your masculinity?

  That's why I created the Shakespeare EP, with hopes that my personal journey on each song through the Five Stages of Grief   will help guide you to the ultimate choice: Your Happiness.


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Video of the Moment - Darth Prefectus

See the First Battle in the Sci-Fi Music Canon, Darth Prefectus! This video is true Sci-Fi Music, as you get two stories, in two different universes, but one effects-filled visual! The song actually takes place in the Star Wars galaxy, while the video takes place in the Sci-Fi Music League of Multiverses. Plus, I get to blast the evil Mastigi Assassin Subtilis with Force Lightning!

Yoo Joe

Song of the Moment - Yoo Joe!

I recorded this as a tribute to one of my favorite childhood cartoons, G.I. Joe. Except there's a twist...I'm an independent broker for both sides! It doesn't matter if the Joes or Cobra are victorious, either way I win! (Even though Nemesis Enforcer was my favorite character low-key...) This track was produced by Atlas and featured on Nerdcore Absolution 3

Sci-Fi Music - Ambush Vin Banner

Wiki of the Week - Vindictus

Meet the main villain of Sci-Fi Music (and my doppelganger...) Vindictus. He is behind all of the destruction and manipulation in Sci-Fi Music canon, and also the most powerful being in Existence. You first met him in the Epilogue of the Darth Prefectus Saga E-Book. Oh, by the way, if he dies, then so do I!

Music Bio and Discography

You can learn all bout the vision that I have for my music, as well as see my performances and discography on my ‘About Ambush Vin’ page. But that’s just the basic “blah, blah” stuff. After you read my music bio, you should check out my Cosmic Bio and get the epic story of how I became a Cosmic Enforcer in the League of Multiverses. 

Cosmic Bio and Bibliography

Yes! I get to tell you the rest of my story…outside of the music. Long story short: I was confronted by an extraterrestrial being at a gas station, dove through a wormhole, ended up in the Time Dimension, met my cosmic mentor Spatium – who made me a Cosmic Enforcer, saved Earth-Prime from a Mastigi takeover, and now I protect the League of the Multiverses from some VERY REAL cosmic threats!