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About Ambush Vin

Sci-Fi Music is not only music…it’s an entire canon! 

“Sci-Fi Music is the mythical treasure in the abyss, at the bottom of the cliff that you are standing on at the edge of the world. Your destiny lies in the abyss…you’ve FELT it. You think about the monotony of the world you left behind, and you jump into the abyss, which is actually a wormhole that leads to a parallel dimension where a multitude of “you” exist. You now have the opportunity to find the best version of you and literally BE yourself. Now, share that treasure with the world!”     – Ambush Vin 

                                                            Ambush Vin performing

Ambush Vin scoffed at the notion that urban geeks can’t be taken as credible rap artists outside of niche genres, such as Nerdcore Hip-Hop. He created Darth Prefectus, the original Star Wars-based song and music video that urbanized The Force into a dark and grimy symphony. This track led to two gritty, Fandom-themed Hip-Hop albums, SciFiMusic and FandomTape Vol. I.

His music became a reflection of the way he lived: urban and nerdy, without limits. This reflection led Vin to describe his brand of Hip-Hop as Sci-Fi Music.


“Sci-Fi Music is Hip-Hop that knows no cultural boundaries, powered by a multiverse of imaginations without limits.”

Ambush Vin Anime Run

The Gary, IN emcee separated himself from his peers by creating his own Fandom and Canon to contain all of his content, including his music. He named this new Fandom after his love for Science Fiction – Sci-Fi Music: League of Multiverses. Vin transformed himself into a Cosmic Enforcer, and became the Fandom’s protagonist! 

Sci Fi Music Comic
                     Ambush Vin’s Sci-Fi Music #1 Comic

Moving into his own creative lane, his content began to be featured on sites such as: Consequence of SoundFandomaniaKrypton Radio, and LA on Lock. Ambush Vin has performed on the main stage at the 15,000-plus attendee convention, Anime Midwest in Chicago, IL. The growth of his audience enabled him to secure performances as a musical guest at Fal-Con in Montevallo, AL, as well as international performances at both FanQuest 2018 and Northern Touch Music Festival 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).

Sub-Polar Rain

Ambush Vin is currently working on his next single release, Sub-Polar Rain (January 2020). This single is a dedication to the emerging Winnipeg, Manitoba Hip-Hop Scene, and features guest appearances by some of the finest creators from the Winnipeg cultural scene! 



Anime Midwest – Chicago, IL (July 2016)

Fal-Con –  Montevallo, AL (Oct. 2016)

Cosplay Fantasy Campout – Chicago, IL (August 2017)

FanQuest Convention – Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (June 2018)

Lake County PopCon – Lake County, IL (May 2019)

Northern Touch Music Fesitval Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (June 2019)


November 30th & December 1st – Chicago Pop Culture Con

December 21st – 22nd – Con Alt Delete (Chicago, IL)



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Slasher Musik – EP (2019) STREAM/DOWNLOAD SLASHER MUSIK [Rapper]

Black Hat – Single (2019) STREAM/DOWNLOAD BLACK HAT [Rapper]

Visible – Single (2019) STREAM/DOWNLOAD VISIBLE [Rapper]

AniVader – EP (2018) STREAM/DOWNLOAD ANIVADER [Rapper]

The Last Sith – EP (2018) STREAM/DOWNLOAD THE LAST SITH [Rapper]

FandomTape Vol. I (2017) STREAM/DOWNLOAD FANDOMTAPE VOL. I [Producer, Rapper]

Dragon-Level Threat (2016) STREAM/DOWNLOAD DRAGON-LEVEL THREAT [Rapper]

Tales From the Multiverse Vol. I: Order 66 (2016) STREAM/DOWNLOAD TFM VOL. I EP   [Rapper]

Silence Night – Xmas Maxi Single (2015) STREAM/DOWNLOAD SILENCE NIGHT   [Producer, Rapper]

SciFiMusic  – Album (2015) – STREAM/DOWNLOAD SCIFIMUSIC  [Producer, Rapper] 

Cosplayz  – EP (2015) STREAM/DOWNLOAD COSPLAYZ  [Producer, Rapper]