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What is The SciFinatik Fam?

The SciFinatik Fam are not only members of my Fam Base, they are also trusted allies in the fight for the League of Multiverses! Yup, I actually put my listeners into Sci-Fi Music Canon. But first, I should explain what a “Fam Base” is. I hate calling you guys “fans”. I feel like we have a genuine connection. My music is who I am, put to a rhythm. So, if you’re vibing with my music, then you’re vibing with me.

Ambush Vin's P.O.T. Force

Realizing that I would need additional reinforcements in order to wage a war on two fronts, me and La Artista decided to create a team consisting of humans known as The Dilligent (Humans who possess faculty-of-sight to see beyond three dimensions) and other allies. This team would become my most trusted allies.  These are the members of the P.O.T. (Protectors Of Time) Force.
La Artista

La Artista

La Artista is a former military operative, an elite member of the P.o.T. (Protectors of Time) Force, and is currently the illustrator of Ambush Vin’s Sci-Fi Music: League of Multiverses canon.

Ambush Vin-SciFinatik Fam-La-Artista


Scriptora is the Logistics Engineer and Weapons Specialist for Ambush Vin’s P.O.T. (Protectors of Time) Squad. She was the only member of the cosmic team who did not possess an enhanced faculty-of-sight.


Malus Asinae

Malus Asinae (Maggie Swanson) is a former espionage agent, P.O.T. (Protectors of Time) Squad operative, martial arts master, and founding member of Ambush Vin’s SciFinatik Fam.


Domine Sicarius

Domine Sicarius is the Grim Reaper, as well as a member of the P.O.T. (Protectors of Time) Squad. After the Slasher Musik Saga, Vin and Celestine began to groom Domine to fulfill the duties of the Grim Reaper.   

It’s Simple to join The SciFinatik Fam!

There are NO Fees to be a Member of The Fam. Just follow one of the links below and you’re in!




(Must follow me on Instagram first, then request to join. Don’t worry…I will follow you back!)

Why Should You Join The Fam?

Here are the things that you receive instantly when you join:

– An Official SciFinatik Fam Member ID and Codename

– Free Digital Downloads of FandomTape Vol. I, Tales From the Multiverse, AniVader, plus a free digital download of my latest project

– SciFinatik Fam Exclusive Music & Videos

– Get Access to the SciFinatik Achievements List and win even more exclusive prizes

– New Sci-Fi Music E-Book Chapters

– Free ‘Sci-Finatiks Only’ Contests & Giveways for goodies like X-Box or Playstation games, Gift Cards, and Cash

– A ‘SciFinatiks Only’ Discount of 15% on Merch listed in Site or Bandcamp Store

– Exclusive Photos and Digital Posters/Graphics

– A Subscription to my Mailing List, where there are even MORE Goodies & Free Music awaiting you

– and, a Friend/Cosmic Enforcer for life!

The Catch?

No Catch. I am not asking for monthly donations, or to buy anything. I will NEVER ask you for a dime of your hard-earned money to finance my musical aspirations.

Yes, I will occasionally ask you to buy my products (strictly for your listening pleasure), or my merch, but I will NEVER ask you to pay Recording, Mixing, or Mastering Costs to continue to create good content. No shade toward crowdfunders, just not my style. 

But, hey, if it works for you, get it how you get it!