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Artwork for The FandomTape Vol. I by Danji’s Designs

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FandomTape Vol. I Artwork

Synchronize your share buttons. Earlier this year, I had a vision (feeling like the Inhuman Ulysses here…) of the artwork for The FandomTape. I wanted the cover to be dark and detailed.I also wanted it to reflect the content on the mixtape, as well as my life as a geek living in The Struggle at the same time.


The Beginning of Fandom Greatness

A lot has been going on since I released my last full-length feature, “SciFiMusic”! Speaking of that, let me thank everyone who supported SciFiMusic. For those of you who didn’t know, that was my official foray into the land of Nerdy music. I wish I would have thought of creating a progression blog for that album so you guys could have seen the late nights and hours that my engineer, J. Pamon, and I put into recording, mixing, and mastering the album.