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Ambush Vin - Sci-Fi Music - SciFinatik Cosplay

SciFinatik Cosplayer of the Week - Vienna Hayden

Ambush Vin - Vienna Hayden - Cosplayer of the Week
Photo by:@sdia_photography

Check out our latest interview with our latest Cosplayer of the Week, Vienna Hayden!

She wears so many different hats, it’s hard for us to keep up. Gotta love a strong woman who hustles hard…

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Ambush Vin: Congratulations on becoming this week’s Cosplayer of the Week, Vienna! You’ve got an awesome combo going on: Actress, Cosplayer, and Influencer. Am I missing something? How many hats do u wear?

Vienna: Lol quite a few…I like to say that I go both ways with a camera. Sounds sexy, but the reality is that I produce my own content, as well as write it, on top of acting, cosplay, and being an influencer. I’m also a mom of 2 and run a real estate investment firm.

Ambush Vin - Vienna Hayden - Cosplay

Wow and a businesswoman sounds like you’re really on top of things! What got you into cosplay?

It started about 10 years ago, when I first started acting professionally. I wanted to be in Star Trek under JJ Abrams but realized that was a pipe dream given my inexperience. So I decided to make my own and I built the bridge, made Starfleet uniforms, and thus the birth of cosplay for me. Fast forward to this year and I recognized that the Comicon world was my niche target audience for my film projects that I was producing and starring in. So I decided to start cosplaying professionally to capture their attention and hired a social media manager to take me to influencer status. That was April. It’s been a pretty interesting ride so far!

That’s awesome! I notice your IG is very Sci-Fi heavy. Do your favorite fandoms live in the Sci-Fi universe?

By and large yes. It’s where my interests are and align with that crowd. There’s a lot of sub-genres that still need to be explored though. For instance, anime is its own animal. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of that genre. I have a thing for horror, sci-fi and superheroes though, so that’s largely been my area of focus.

Ambush Vin - Vienna Hayden - Cosplay

Photo by: @sdia_photgraphy

Who is your favorite superhero?

I would have to say Iron Man. He had a great character arc and I loved how he was hyper intelligent in his every day life, invented and continued to iterate on his work, and then was willing to give it all up for the thing that were truly important. He came to terms with the fact that money and fame weren’t all they were cracked up to be and ultimately sacrificed himself for his family and the greater good. Black Widow comes in a close second, for similar reasons.

Ooh! Any Black Widow or Iron Man genderbend cosplays in the making…

I think Nebula is also very underrated. I have both planned, Black Widow will likely come first though. Iron Man is a tough one.

Can’t wait to see both! Do you have any cosplayers that you look up to?

I have a lot of other fun ones planned in the meantime. I have a Captain Marvel I’m working on, as well as a web series planned around it.

As far as cosplayers I look up to:

Jessica Nigri
Whoa Nerd Alert
Daniella DeNicola
Laney Feni
Sylvia Slays

There’s a bunch of others, those are just the ones that popped up on my head first.

Ambush Vin - Vienna Hayden - Cosplay                                                                                  Photo by: @comeintomylair

What is your ultimate goal? Do you have a vision of it?

To produce and star in my own films and continue to grow the cosplay where I have a team behind me to create more and better content for my fans. I have over 20 scripts ready to go. If I could monetize my cosplay to fund more cosplay and my movies, I think that would be amazing.

It would! So, in conclusion, is there anything that you would like to say to anyone who is an aspiring cosplayer, actress, or creator/influencer? Any advice you can give?

Don’t wait for others to make something happen. Seize the opportunity and do it yourself. Failure is your friend and creates wonderful learning opportunities. Great things aren’t created overnight, they’re cultivated over time.

Photo by: @cometomylair

Thank you for your time Vienna! I really appreciate it

Thank you for being so patient with me and doing this!!

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