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SciFinatik Cosplayer of the Week - Abii Candy

Check out our latest interview with our latest Cosplayer of the Week, Abii Candy!

Abii is an also a model and photographer. In fact, she took every photo in this gallery!

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Ambush Vin: Hey Abii how are you tonight?

Abii: I’m doing well, how about yourself?

Abii Candy Cosplay - Hinata

Ambush Vin: Hey Abii how are you tonight?

Abii: I’m doing well, how about yourself?

Great! Thanks for asking. How long have you been cosplaying?

Ive been cosplaying for about 6 or so years

Oh nice. So you’re not new to this, but true to this

Hahah I suppose so! Ive been in the cosplay community for quite a while.

What made you start cosplaying?

I started my cosplay adventure when a close friend of mine asked if I could be Tinkerbell in their Princess Party company in 2015. I made the cosplay and did a few gigs. Transitioned into a few other characters such as Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, etc. It was a fun time! At that time I started attending Anime conventions with friends, thus my cosplay career was set in motion!

Abii Candy Cosplay - Gwenpool

Nice! Where was your first con experience and what was it like?

My first con was in 2011, back when I was in high school. At that time cons were still growing, so there weren’t as many Top Tier guests or super-competitive cosplay contests, like you see today. Even so, the community was friendly and creative. I enjoyed myself! I’ve made quite a few of my best friends through cons.

Do you feel as if cosplay belongs to people who actually enjoy the fandoms? I’ve heard complaints of people who just wear cosplay because the outfit is revealing, but don’t know anything about the fandom.

Hmm…the cosplay community has changed since cosplay became main stream. Its definitely 2 sides of the same coin. Personally I think that cosplay should be whatever you want it to be! In my early days I wore a FFIV Lalafell without having played the game just became I really liked the look of the Lalafell race. But, I would have avid FFIV fans come up to me and ask me stuff about the game that I couldnt answer. Thus, even though I liked the cosplay, I wasnt able to converse with the actual fans. Due to these experiences, my own philosophy is : ”I will only cosplay characters that Ive played/watched”

Abii Candy Cosplay 3

That’s awesome, because you can actually bring more fans to your cosplay. Do you see cosplay as more of a hobby, or a brand that you’re trying to build?

I started it as a hobby, but now I sell photo sets on Patreon every month. It was also a gateway for me to become a Cosplay Photographer. I am able to bring my experiences into the studio and connect with my clients, cosplayer to cosplayer.

That’s cool! You’re a photographer too! Is your Patreon successful so far

I only started it this year, So I’m fairly new to it. But, It does help out with bills, so yes! I believe so.

That’s what counts right? What is your favorite cosplay that you have created thus far?

I have a lot of favorites! Climber Linkle from BOTW, Merida from Brave, Gwenpool! I dont have a set favorite since I only make stuff that I enjoy.

That’s a good point lol so what are your hobbies other than cosplay?

Photography, cosplay, gaming, and traveling are my main go tos! I don’t have a lot of time for anything else. Sometimes I’ll dabble in music or painting, but that’s pretty rare.

Abii Candy Cosplay 4

Xbox or PS type of lady?

PS and Nintendo

Have you ever won any cosplay awards?

I’ve never won any awards since I’ve never been in any cosplay contests. I have been featured on a few magazines and websites though.

Which ones?

Mora Modeling Magazine, Cosplay Realm Magazine…and, just as recent as today I was featured in Critical Role’s Cosplay showcase!

Congrats! So can you tell the readers more about your Patreon? Your tiers, etc

I have 3 main tiers. $2 for feed access just for support. $10 for regular sets and $25 for lewd sets. Each tier usually ends up having 80+ photos in it each month.

Abii Candy Cosplay 6

Wow! You are very photogenic

Thank you!

In closing, (and before I go join one of those tiers!) what advice would you give to a new cosplayer if asked?

I would say to join groups if you can to learn from others, and only cosplay what you love! Don’t feel pressure to cosplay some you don’t like. Otherwise it will feel like a chore instead of a hobby.

Thank You so much for this interview! I really appreciate it! Is this the best way to contact you?

Facebook or on Instagram! (@abicandi)

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