Ambush Vin

Ever since Ambush Vin bought the tape that started his inspiration, “Paid in Full” by Eric B. & Rakim, Vin has been working to make an imprint in hip-hop. Vin has been described as eccentric, ground-breaking and unique.
Hailing from Gary, IN, “murder capital of the 90’s”, Vin’s options in life appeared to be slim growing up with future hustlers, gangsters, and criminals. Vin’s childhood was filled with geeky fandoms: a young obsession with Star Wars (especially Vader!), a love affair with comics that started at age 7 with Marvel Comic’s 1984 Secret Wars, and an avid Commodore 64, Atari, and NES gamer.

However, as time moved on and Vin became a teenager, he began to fit the perfect stereotype of an urban black child: raised by a single mother on food stamps, angry and disrespectful.
Vin’s mother put him out at age 17, and it was then he was forced to learn the reality of survival in “the streets”. Homeless and forced to survive the best way he could, Vin lived in the streets for almost 2 years, often sleeping at the Metro Center in Gary, IN. It was during this time that Vin really began to focus on his lyricism as an artist with Outside Productions, which eventually evolved into the independent rap group, Outside, with Finger Roll & C-Saw.
After parting ways with Outside, due to his inability to fulfill financial obligations, Vin found himself homeless again. Once again, Vin turned back to the streets.

Ironically, it was due to the positive influence of his mother that Vin found a job in the steel industry and was able to rise into a management position.
Vin’s mission is to motivate the millions of hip-hop listeners to promote the power of being unique individuals.

“Hip-Hop is the ONLY genre of music where you have to have a certain image in order to be accepted as a “real” or “lyrical” artist. Its time for everyone to lend an ear to the talented artists who aren’t thugs or street. How do we expect Hip-Hop to evolve into its full potential without diversity? Too many talented artists become trapped within the monotony of mainstream Hip-Hop.” – Ambush Vin

Ambush Vin released the critically acclaimed “SciFiMusic” album on Oct. 1st, 2015 along with the SciFiMusic e-book and Pre-Cosmic which is a 10 page comic book. He is currently working on the groundbreaking mixtape, “The Fandomtape Vol. I”.