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The new mixtape from rising Nerdcore star Ambush Vin is a portal that leads to his divided roots. At a time when Hip-Hop is trying to reinvent itself, music lovers crave a unique take on the genre that took the world by storm over 30 years ago. Born in humble surroundings, Ambush Vin lived between two worlds: one contained his comics, Star Wars, and other fandoms that are associated with the “nerd-life”; the other his time spent as a homeless young adult absorbing the harsh realities of urban life in Gary, Indiana.

His debut album SciFiMusic (October 2015) briefly explored this split, but his new mixtape, FandomTape Vol. I (December 2017) shatters the grim stereotypes of inner-city dwellers cast by Hip-Hop cynics. His songs on the groundbreaking mixtape are highlighted by commanding vocals, adaptable lyricism, and standout production, which combine to create a musical experience that is just as enjoyable for a Cosplayer as it is for a fan of Tech Nine.

There aren’t many artists who have traveled the path that circles Ambush Vin. As one of the first Urban Nerdcore artists, he has completed a 360 degree-loop. Transforming from the kid that was raised in a cult-like Apostolic church, who once had a 4.0 grade point average, to a rebellious teen who couldn’t escape trouble.

“I was envious of my friends because they got to go places that my mama didn’t allow us to go; places like: bowling alleys, the movies, and concerts. Even though I was a nerd, I was a lot different from the traditional stereotype of a nerd. And I didn’t have a lot of nerd friends, either. Most of my friends were…more unsavory.” 

– Ambush Vin (Nerdy Show interview 10/1/15)

Vin found himself sneaking out into the streets to view and participate in rap battles. Finding it hard to stay out of trouble, his mother had enough, and Vin found himself homeless at age 17.

Living the true urban experience didn’t stop Vin from pursuing his dream of hip-hop stardom. After completing his climb from the bottom, which included 4 kids, a divorce, and re-marry, he combined his love for Nerd-dom, Sci-Fi, and Hip-Hop into a flavor that he dubbed “Sci-Fi Music”.

Vin enjoyed multiple rave reviews after releasing his Star Wars-themed music video, Darth Prefectus, which was followed by his debut album, SciFiMusic, which also included a comic book and an E-Book. He is currently promoting FandomTape Vol. I, a groundbreaking project that is a mash-up of fandoms and reality narrated by Ambush Vin and his unique brand of urban Hip-Hop.


Vin’s goal is to encourage the millions of hip-hop lovers to be original and unique…regardless of the most current or popular trends. Originality is what drives Hip-Hop and propels it forward.

“Hip-Hop is the ONLY genre of music where you have to have a certain image in order to be accepted as a “real” or “lyrical” artist. Its time for everyone to lend an ear to the talented artists who aren’t thugs or street. How do we expect Hip-Hop to evolve into its full potential if we become trapped within the monotony of one voice with multiple personalities?” – Ambush Vin


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  • Sonz of Sin – “Where Da Clubz At?” – maxi single (1997) – not available  [Producer, Rapper]
  • Drizzay – “All by My Lonely” – EP (1998) – not available [Producer]
  • Ambush Records – “The Struggle” – Album (1999) – DOWNLOAD THE STRUGGLE  [Producer, Rapper]
  • Vin – “Dat Fire”  –  Album (2005) –  DOWNLOAD DAT FIRE [Producer, Rapper]
  • Ambush Records – “Sex, Lies, & Paper”  – Mixtape (2006) – available soon on [Rapper]
  • Vin – “The Bi-Polar Mixtape”  – Mixtape (2008) – available soon on [Producer, Rapper]
  • Ambush Vin – “Cosplayz”  – EP (2015) DOWNLOAD COSPLAYZ  [Producer, Rapper]
  • Ambush Vin – “SciFiMusic”  – Album (2015) – DOWNLOAD SCIFIMUSIC  [Producer, Rapper] 
  • Silence – “Big Mamma Jamma” – Maxi Single (2015) DOWNLOAD BIG MAMMA JAMMA  [Producer]
  • Ambush Vin – “SIlence Night” – Xmas Maxi SIngle (2015) DOWNLOAD SILENCE NIGHT   [Producer, Rapper]
  • Ambush Vin – “Tales From the Multiverse Vol. I: Order 66” (2016) DOWNLOAD TFM VOL. I EP   [Rapper]
  • Ambush Vin – “Dragon-Level Threat” (2016) DOWNLOAD DRAGON-LEVEL THREAT [Rapper]


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