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Celestine is Ready to Face the Bite of Sci-Fi Music

Ambush Vin Cosplayer of the Week
Aubrey Busek as Celsetine
                          Aubrey Busek as Celestine


Celestine’s creator, Aubrey Busek, is definitely someone that everyone needs to know!

Not only does she design and create her own costumes and fashion design, she also is a badass Photographer!

So, yes, all of the photography that you see in the gallery above was taken by Aubrey…

…all of the costumes and design were created by Aubrey…

…and all of the characters are original chracters created by…Aubrey!

I was so impressed with her original cosplay of her Vampire, Celestine, that I asked Aubrey if she could be the main character in the upcoming comic, e-book saga, and animation for my song Bite” from SciFiMusic!

She said, “yes!”, so stay tuned…


Visit and Follow Aubrey at:






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